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Light! Thin! Compact!
QUICK-CHANGE ZEUS for Next-Generation
Spot gun exchange, handling, jig exchange, etc. can be applied to a wide range of applications, it can be mounted on the robot of 150-230kg Nomadic. Inherits the features of the proven BL quick change of detaching mechanism (ball lock system), compactness, weight of lightness, thinness of the coupling thickness was achieved class No.1, a new generation of quick-change that was more advanced is.
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Tool plate Master plate

QUICK-CHANGE ZEUS™ is available for a wide variety of applications, such as spot-welding gun exchange, material handling and tool changing. It can use for robot payloads of 150-230kg. ZEUS incorporates the proven locking mechanism of the BL Quick-Change. It is a new, advanced Quick-Change, and ZEUS is No.1 in its class for compactness, light weight and thinness when coupled.

Compact, Light, Thin!
The weight has been reduced by 50% and the outer dimension is 70% compared with our Servo Gun Changer for 220kg payloads. It is only 110mm thick when coupled, which minimizes stress on the robot. The round shape reduces interference by the wiring and hose on the robot arm.
Enhanced mechanical fail-safe function!
Our proven mechanical fail-safe mechanism has been further enhanced with the addition of a spring back-up for greater reliability, so the Master and Tool Plates will not separate, even if pneumatic pressure fails.
Conforms to ISO standards for robot flanges!
The bolt patterns on ZEUS match the ISO 9409 “mechanical interface” for pitches of φ125mm and φ160mm. It can be installed on almost all industrial robots with 150-230 kg capacity. We can custom-manufacture to suit other robot flanges.
Standard equipped lock/unlock sensor & LED indication!
A lock/unlock sensor and LED indications for “lock” or “unlock” are standard equipped on ZEUS, and an approach sensor (with LED indication) useful for teaching is available as an option.
Resolves communication errors!
Resolve servo signal serial communication errors with a plug-in module.
Abundant options available!
Options, such as fool-proof valves for drop prevention (fool proof) in predefined positions, solenoid valves and field bus
systems are available. Please contact us for details.

System configuration and specifications
Please check the product catalog details.

◆Product lineup of Bee El Autotech
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Quick Change Series
QUICK-CHANGE (auto tool changer)
Efficiency of the production line and the cost down!
QUICK-CHANGE (end effector automatic changer) is a device for automatically replacing robots or automatic machines or hand tools.
For good command of multiple tasks in one robot, enables shortening of multi-functionality and setup time of the robot, it will contribute to the high-mix low-volume production.
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(Spot welding gun changer for robot)
To spot gun exchange in multi-product production line!
Cancer changer GC for spot welding robot series is a replacement device of spot welding gun for the robot.
Primary power, cooling water, a servo signal, power, general signal, and by selecting the pneumatic module, replacing a plurality of the welding gun for proper use and hand can easily be performed, enabling efficient line construction by reducing the setup time will be.
There is also a model that corresponds to the compact, lightweight gun.
Motorized BL QUICK-CHANGE model QCE-40
Energy saving for industrial robots of factory equipment
Motorized automatic tool changer
The electric automatic tool changer that does not require air pressure for removal. factory air pressure piping has not been laid down, I want to allow the end effector automatic exchange in the cell, etc.. In addition, electrification because only at the time of detachment, power consumption will be possible is suppressed energy saving.
The multi-functionality of the Ya robot
Contributing to the reduction of set-up time
Model: QC-1 is ultra-compact 1kg Nomadic corresponding possible, hand of a small robot, jig, we have developed for the replacement of the tool. Lightweight and compact ultra-compact body is the world's smallest (our ratio). In addition, the installed options also possible, ten of the electrical signal contacts (3A), 2 pieces of pneumatic port (M3), available by selecting from among the two vacuum port (M3).
(For the new generation robot Quick Change)
Light, thin, compact!
Function of the robot, to increase the effectiveness
Tool changer
Spot gun exchange, handling, jig exchange, etc. can be applied to a wide range of applications, it can be mounted on the robot of 150-230kg Nomadic. Inherits the features of the proven BL quick change of detaching mechanism (ball lock system), compactness, weight of lightness, thinness of the coupling thickness was achieved class No.1, a new generation of quick-change that was more advanced is.
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BL force torque sensor
Further to improve the reliability and quality of work!
BL force torque sensor, to convey a ''force'' in the sense of control / intelligent robot to adapt to changes in the exte al environment, such as visual and tactile, is a sensor for detecting the real-time X · Y · Z direction force and torque at the same time .
The robot that is equipped with a power control function, and further improve the reliability and quality of the work.
WRIST COMPLIANCER (Remote Center Compliance)
Automation of precision assembly and insertion work!
List compliance support is RCC device that was commercialized by rubber elements the function of Remote Center Compliance. By mounting between the robot and the automatic assembly machine arm and the gripper, inserted at work in the horizontal direction and the angle between the parts (twisting) Correct the error of direction, eliminating the insertion mistake by the ''galling'' ''twisting''.
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Positioner, the rotary table
Wiring and piping trouble solved!
BL ROTARY JOINT PN-ZERO series is a rotary joint that enables the endless connection of signal-air pressure to the positioner and rotary table surface plate. Lightweight and compact body to Rc3 / 8 pneumatic port 2 and 2A capacity of the electrical signal six: I was equipped with a (model PN-ZERO 2/6) of the utility. Because that can be endless rotation of 360 degrees or more, is possible constraints operating without any of the rotation angle.
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Coupling for power, signal and pneumatic
Connect the utility at the touch of a button!
COUPLE JOINT is a coupling unit that can connect, disconnect the electrical signal and the air pressure at the touch of a button.
Traditionally, the work of disconnection and reconnection of manually had done signal lines and pneumatic fittings at the time of setup changes to aggregate in one place, allows one-touch switching.
The contact part, there is a high reliability and durability If you are using a variety of module parts proven in our quick change.
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